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From his well respected early works in hip hop dating back to '98 to his legendary ongoing releases over the last ten years in techno, he has exponentially traversed many genres to accumulate this vast studio and stage skill set. His approach is free, honest, and yet structured with a workflow that is only deciphered from 45,000 hours in the studio logged over many years producing his original releases and official remixes for artists Kool n tha Gang, Jimi Hendrix, NIN, Fleetwood Mac, Jefferson Airplane, Jerome Sydenham, Samy Jarrar, SIR, and many more. Signed to more than 30 labels and with over 290 releases in dance music genres alone, Motoe Haus seems to possess an endless creative output & flow that is second to none.

With ongoing weekly radio shows on IbizaLive Radio & WhiteFM, as well as guest sets on All About the Music, Frisky Radio, Ibiza Global Radio, Pure Ibiza Radio, SoundTrip, Eagle Sessions, Subliminal Radio, and many others worldwide. Motoe Haus has created multiple events in support of his vastly growing Ibiza based imprint Haustronaut Recordings including: Purple Sessions, MIX, Social, Redroom Sessions, Marshion, Journey, Vorhal, DECO, Ritual Rising & LIVEset.

He is also a #1 Best Selling Author as of 2019's 1Habit flagship publication. Motoe Haus is also the world music brand ambassador for Dragon, a blockchain, e-commerce, crypto currency and culture curation company founded by Paul Moyan. He is also partnered with Tal Finney in Haustronaut Recordings, and Bradley Alan in Vorhal & Ritual Rising. A branding professional and visionary, Motoe has his signature in a massive plethora of entertainment mediums and platforms that all serve to attain his ultimate end game.

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